Lewisham Southwark College has a strict attendance and punctuality policy which all students must adhere to. The policy is outlined below.

Should you wish to discuss the policy further, please contact your tutor.

Attendance and punctuality

Excellent attendance is a feature of all highly achieving learners, and we want to encourage you further to be the very best you can in your exams and assessments.  Employers value attendance and a good attitude to work above all other measures. With this in mind, the College will apply consistent and strict procedures to monitor student attendance and punctuality and will offer appropriate support to help and encourage students to successfully complete their course and meet College attendance targets.

The standards for attendance and punctuality are outlined below.

Students must:
  • Attend a minimum of 90% of all classes (including English and Maths if they are part of your study programme) over a six week period
  • Be on time for a minimum of 95% of all classes over a six week period
If you do not meet the standards your tutor will issue a written warning and shall monitor your attendance and punctuality for a period of two weeks. They will let you know in writing that your performance is unacceptable, giving reasons, and tell you that unless improvements are made you may be withdrawn from the College.

For those students under eighteen, your parent/guardian will be informed of the conditions of this monitoring period.

If you do not improve your attendance and punctuality by the end of the two weeks the Head of your Department will decide whether you are allowed to stay on the course or not.

Students who fall below the required standards again, and there are no acceptable reasons, may be withdrawn from the course by the Head of Department.

Any student who does not attend College for a period of two weeks without explanation (and all attempts by the College to contact them have failed) will be withdrawn from their course.



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