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Our courses are designed to improve your English skills to help you:    

·         Be more independent in life and work
·         Be valued by employers
·         Get a job
·         Progress to vocational or higher education

 We offer Pre-Entry Level to GCSE. You may not know what level you are working at, so we invite every student wishing to study English in for an assessment to make sure we get you into the right class

Our English programme includes both exams-based and portfolio-based courses, and provide learners with a broad, coherent and satisfying range of study. Courses are available both daytime and evening.

Most classes start in September, but we also have some that start in February. 

GCSE runs from: September to June only.

Pre-Entry Level
  • Suitable for applicants starting out on the learner journey. Learners are introduced to the basic reading and writing skills they will need in their everyday lives. 
Entry Level 1

  • At Entry Level 1 students are taught how to recognise the different purposes of texts and how to use the written word to record or present information. The course is focussed around development and practice of the basic building blocks of reading and writing, including grammar, spelling and punctuation. 
Entry Level 2
  • At this level, students build on existing knowledge, learn to write with the appropriate level of detail and to be able to identify the main points and ideas in written texts. They will be able to produce legible texts of their own using different styles of writing as well as punctuate correctly.
Entry Level 3

  • Our students learn how to apply their reading, writing and speaking skills in a growing range of contexts. This includes developing the skills necessary to make sure that grammar, punctuation and spelling are generally accurate. 
Level 1

  • Students at Level 1 further enhance their communication skills by being able to write for different purposes and audiences, and with increasing independence and accuracy. Learners are prepared for communication in working, domestic and everyday life. 
Level 2 - Pre GCSE

  • A portfolio-based course suitable for candidates who would like to prepare a suitable foundation to study GCSE English. 
Level 2 - GCSE

  • Follow the AQA GCSE syllabus for English Language in one year. Develop further your English language skills by understanding and being able to use a good range of language and structural features in both your reading and writing. This course has 2 exams in June that are nationally set dates, and cannot be changed; you need to be able to commit to sitting both exams.



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