fees and funding for english & maths

Adult English and maths courses are FREE to most adults as long as you do not already hold the qualification you are studying for and have lived in the country for 3 yrs.

For GCSE English and Maths courses, you will receive it for FREE as long as you do not already have a C (4) in GCSE already, otherwise it will cost you £362. If you are studying on an HE course, you will also have to pay fees (overseas fees are higher please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information).

Some funding is available to help you with your studies, this is awarded on a case by case basis.
The Study Award provides support towards costs incurred during attendance at college, and is for cases of exceptional financial hardship. It can be applied for where there is a household income of £21,000 or less. Payments will be paid half-termly and will be subject to student attendance at 85% or above.

The Travel Award is to help with the costs of travelling to college. It is available to those who live more than 3 miles away from their campus of study. Full-time students who are 19-25 years old and have a statement of Educational Need (SEN) can apply to their council for Transport Support.

The Childcare Award is to help people with the costs of their Childcare whilst in attendance at college. Learners will need to meet the eligibility criteria for the 19+ Study Award.



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