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Max King

Max King

Max King is a second-year student, studying a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Performing Arts at Lewisham Southwark College. "I completed sixth-form study in dance, performance studies, art and English literature, and, after deferring my university place in art for two years, realised that art wasn’t for me. I wanted something...

Elena Cebotari

Elena Cebotari

"I have travelled 2615 km from my home country to London. I have left my family, my friends and a life I have been building for 22 years. Do I regret it? No, that’s how passionate I am about theatre. Today I am a proud student at Lewisham Southwark College studying...

We’re delighted to welcome successful applicants who want to prepare for or take part in higher education (HE) level courses. Our friendly environment, inspiring teachers and choice of courses will help you to enjoy a varied and engaging study programme during your time at Lewisham Southwark College.

  • Why Study H.E. in a College Environment?
    • Our fees are 45.5% less than Universities – very affordable.
    • We offer a much higher ratio of tutor to student teaching in smaller class sizes.
    • Our flexibility means that you can either gain a shorter HE qualification and then go on to seek a job, or continue to a 'top up' third year, gaining a full degree
    • New facilities at our Southwark campus

    If you’re not quite ready to work at a HE level, we can offer you short programmes to prepare you for HE later on, when you feel ready. At which point, you may wish to take your qualification you gain here, and build on it at university with a full degree.

    You’ll also benefit from impressive resources by coming to Lewisham Southwark College. Our Southwark campus, for example, is home to a Learning Centre with computers and iPads for student use. Our modern teaching facilities make the College an innovative place to learn.

  • Types of qualifications


    This HE-level qualification combines academic study with practical experience of how it works in the ‘real world’. You might think of a foundation degree as a type of ‘mini degree’, in that it aims to enable you to gain the fundamental knowledge of the subject matter you’re examining.

    A foundation degree typically takes two years to complete full-time (but it can sometimes be taken part-time), and is the equivalent of two-thirds of an honours degree. If you want to gain the full degree, you can obtain this through further study.


    Generally, HNCs take one year to complete, whereas HNDs last two years. Both are full, vocational HE qualifications, and have a strong focus on practical, career-focused, hands-on programmes provided by tutors with industry experience. These courses are ideal if you want to enter or progress quickly within the workplace, and are especially useful if you don’t need a full degree to do this.


    These programmes act as a stepping stone to commencing a HE qualification. Completion of an access course can then be followed by HE study. Our access qualifications are very popular with those who have been out of education for a while.

  • Key Benefits


    Coming to a college to undertake HE qualifications can be a smart move, especially in terms of costs. At Lewisham Southwark College, our competitive prices make us an appealing institution for many. It’s also estimated that tuition fees of foundation degrees, for example, can be less expensive than the costs for full honours degrees.

    The costs of our HE courses are as follows:

    • Foundation Degree £5,995 per annum for 2 years
    • HND £5,000 per annum for 2 years

    You may also be able to apply for relevant financial support, should you be eligible and successful in your application for an accepted programme. Why not have a look at the HE student finance section within the above link?

    Further financial guidance can be found here:


    You’ll have put in a lot of effort to successfully complete your course, so we love to recognise and celebrate this achievement at the end of your programme. We hold our own graduation ceremonies as well as at our partner universities, meaning you’ll celebrate your qualification from the comfort of our campus, or at a connected university – so you shouldn’t have to travel too far!

    And although graduation is a time for looking back at how far you’ve come, it’s also the beginning of your future. It’s important to note that some HE qualifications – like foundation degrees and HNDs – can set you up especially well for employment or additional education. Here’s what one website included:


    We’re proud of our experienced staff in the heart of London: they’re ready to help strengthen your knowledge in your chosen subject area as soon as you start with us. And whatever campus you choose to study at – whether that be Southwark, Lewisham Way or Deptford Bridge, we’re here to help you gain the qualification you need.

    Get in touch to see what programme you could enrol on, so we can nurture your abilities and you’ll benefit from the expertise of our wonderful staff.


    Perhaps you’ve already completed a further education qualification with us, and you’re keen to stay in the same area whilst completing a HE programme at the College. Or maybe you’ve lived in the City all your life, and you’re keen to move out of your parental home to gain more independence and work towards a HE qualification with us. We also attract students from Europe who may have studied to H.E. in their home countries but now require UK qualifications.

    Well, whatever your situation, we’ve got good news – the advantage of studying within cities like London is the mix of accommodation on offer. Although we don’t offer halls of residence or properties of our own, there are a lot of flat shares around, and you could check out sites such as as well as various estate agents to explore your options.


    We think our London location is a big advantage for our students. Not only are you close to numerous businesses, facilities and potential work experience opportunities, but our campuses are spread out over three commutable spots in the City.

    Southwark campus, for instance, is close to the Young Vic, the Old Vic and the South Bank and can be reached from the tube and various mainline stations. This campus also has a feel that’s more like the workplace, with the surrounding buzz and activity of central London.

    Lewisham Southwark College is based at Deptford Bridge, Lewisham Way and Southwark and most of our HE courses are carried out at Lewisham Way. Why not find out more about specific course locations by following this find us link, or drop in at one of our events to have a look around?

    Our Lewisham Way campus is also just down the road from Goldsmiths University.

  • Questions?

    If you’d like further clarity on our HE qualifications, we have a panel of expert advisers who’d love to discuss the subject further with you. We want to provide you with invaluable advice to help your future prospects, so do just get in touch if you have any questions.

    You can also download our HE review action plan and Single Equalities Scheme.



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