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Our courses are designed to improve your Maths skills to help you:    

We can . . .

·         Develop your maths whatever level you start from
·         Improve application of maths skills
·         Gain a qualification that could be useful for work
·         Feel more confident with maths

We offer Pre-Entry Level to GCSE. You may not know what level you are working at, so we invite every student wishing to study maths in for an assessment to make sure we get you into the right class.

Our maths programmes includes both exams-based and portfolio- based courses and provide learners with a solid understanding of maths concepts across the whole of the maths curriculum. Courses are available both daytime and evening.

Most classes start in September, but we also have some that start in February.

GCSE runs from: September to June only.

Pre-Entry Level

  • Getting started. Learn to count, add up and take away, become familiar with money, time and measurements (this course has no exam, but you will receive a certificate for the work you complete in class)
Entry Level 1

  • Build on counting skills, adding up and taking away, work with money, time and measurements. Introduction to using a calculator. (courses available with or without exams)
Entry Level 2

  • Get your maths moving. You will learn how to add up, take away and read and write with larger numbers. You will also learn to calculate with money, develop skills to work with weight, height and shapes and start looking at fractions. (courses available with or without exams)
Entry Level 3

  • Develop your skills in using the rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You will also work with fractions & decimals, be able to estimate and measure liquids, weight, length and temperature and read graphs and charts. (courses available with or without exams)
Level 1

  • Increase your confidence and prepare to move on. Calculate with fractions, decimals and percentages, use negative numbers, use formulae for problem solving with area, perimeter, 2D and 3D shapes, read information from graphs and chart, apply maths skills to real life problem solving (courses available with or without exams)
Level 2 - Pre GCSE

  • Calculate with numbers of any size. Calculate with ratios, percentages, evaluate and choose methods for problem solving. Use formulae for 3D problem solving and learn more mathematical language. Start looking at some of the topics on the GCSE programme including geometry and algebra. (this course has no exam, but you will receive a certificate for the work you complete in class)
Level 2 - GCSE

  • Follow the Edexcel Foundation* GCSE syllabus, covering Number, Ratio, Geometry, Algebra and statistics in one year. Develop further your mathematical language and problem solving skills. This course has 3 exams in May/June that are nationally set dates, and cannot be changed; you need to be able to commit to sitting all three)

If you'd like to study any of the above courses, applying is easy!
* Please note, some candidates may be offered the opportunity to sit the higher tier – this will be decided in negotiation with your teacher, and will require students to undertake additional independent study on some topics.

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