Lewisham College was an early adopter of CISCO Networking Academy, setting it up in 1999, in dedicated rooms on the IT floor. Since then, thousands of students have been through the academy, allowing them access to some of the best Networking Technology jobs available.

Adu Antwi, Head of Department for IT said: “CISCO technology is as relevant in today’s fast-paced IT industry as it ever was. I am very proud that we have been able to contribute to the highly skilled workforce that London’s technology companies desperately need.”

Since founding Networking Academy® in 1997, Cisco has made $2.6 billion in in-kind contributions of tools, resources, and support to students, schools, and instructors worldwide. Curriculum and training for the network's more than 22,000 instructors are provided free of charge to academy partners, which include high schools, colleges, universities, and other nonprofit community organizations. Since 2005, more than 1.6 million students who have completed advanced courses have secured new jobs thanks to Cisco Networking Academy.

"Cisco is thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and academy partners over the past years," said Tae Yoo, senior vice president, Corporate Affairs, Cisco. "Together we've reached an incredible milestone in affecting 7.8 million people around the world."

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